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Whitney Houston Funeral: Kevin Costner Reveals Personal, Emotional Stories

>> Monday, March 19, 2012

Kevin Costner gave a heartfelt speech at Whitney Houston's funeral nowadays.

He started off explaining one in every of her hit songs virtually did not return to be. "The song 'I can continuously Love You' virtually wasn't" He said the song they were reaching to use was "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted."

"What becomes of our broken hearts? Whitney returns home nowadays, to the place where it all began," he continued. "I raise that we tend to dry our tears, suspend our sorrow, simply long enough to recollect the sweet miracle that was Whitney. we won't forget Cissy and Bobbi Kristina sit among us. Your mother and that i had plenty in common," he said. "A heap of individuals are thinking, really? you are a boy, she's a girl; she's black, you are white. I heard you wish to sing, however our lady might extremely sing."

He went on to mention they each held the church terribly near their hearts. "We each grew up within the Baptist church," he said. "It wasn't as huge as this. my grandmother played the piano and he or she led the choir. her 2 daughters sang in it. My earliest recollections are tied to that church in Paramount."

He talked concerning getting into huge hassle sitting with friends in church together with his folks sitting elsewhere. He told a story, that was Houston's "favorite," concerning sneaking into the kitchen to complete the cups of grape juice. He was caught by his dad and whisked out. The audience laughed and perceived to be enjoying the non-public stories.

"I will see her in my mind here, running around as a thin very little lady," the actor said. "I can even see her in hassle."

He said he asked her to be within the Bodyguard, that she was a "perfect selection." He said he then had reservations, since it absolutely was her 1st acting role. He said they postponed the movie a year to attend for her to return off her tour, that was "a heap for the studio to simply accept."

Costner recalled telling her to not be nervous which he'd hold her hand each step of the manner. He explained she might have fallen down and commenced speaking "in tongues" and he or she would've passed the screen check for the flick. He said he would've pushed her through. Then he had everybody laughing concerning her stage makeup melting off within the hot lights. He said she was the sole one who could've played the role at that point. "You weren't simply pretty, you were as lovely as a girl may be," he said.

"I was your fake bodyguard not too back then, and currently you are gone," Costner said somberly.

His speech was touching and heartfelt, that of a real friend.



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