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Charm Onwarin Osathanond 2

>> Monday, March 19, 2012

Charm Onwarin Osathanond (Thai: ชาม อรวรินธ์ โอสถานนท์), best known as Charm Osathanond (Thai: ชาม โอสถานนท์),(born 1986) - actress, model and host who won the Miss Thailand Universe pageant in 2006. Her real name is Ivrin Reya Osathanond (Thai: ไอยวริญท์ รายา โอสถานนท์).

Charm Osathanond is an only child who was raised in Nonthaburi near Bangkok in a fostering environment. In 2005, she graduated from International School Bangkok, which was where she befriended a Thai singer, Lydia. She is currently a third-year student in the Faculty of Communication Arts at Chulalongkorn University, one of the most prestigious universities in Thailand.



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