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official apple tv 3rd generation 1080p unboxing and overview

>> Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Wednesday, March 7th, Apple announced the third-generation Apple TV alongside the new iPad. In addition to taking pre-orders for the latest Retina display-equipped iPad, Apple also opened pre-orders up to the new Apple TV. Despite the fact that the Apple TV won’t officially be released until tomorrow, March 16th, numerous customers have reported that they’ve already received their pre-ordered Apple TV.
The video embedded above is my unboxing of the latest third-generation, 1080p-capable, Apple TV.
Aside from an upgraded single-core A5 processor, the newest Apple TV also offers 1080p support and it ships with the latest 5.0 Apple TV firmware.
Here are the specification for the Apple TV 3 (taken from Apple’s website):iOS Apple TV ATV3 Specifications
Stay tuned for more coverage on the latest third-generation Apple TV.



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